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A newborn foal's legs are already 90% of the length they will be when full grown.


A foal is able to stand just one hour after birth.


A foal can walk, trot, and run just two hours after birth!


The first milk the mare makes is called colostrums. This is a rich milk and it is very important for the foal, because it helps protect it against disease.


Most foals will start to nurse less than two hours after being born.


A female foal is called a filly.


A male foal is called a colt.


More foals are born between April 15-May 15 than any other time.


Mares usually foal at night.


Mares don't like to be watched when they foal. If someone is watching, they might stop foaling and wait till the person goes away.


A mare may give birth in as little as 15 minutes, but no longer than an hour. If she is still straining after an hour has passed, something is seriously wrong.


If you have to help pull a foal out, NEVER pull up! Always pull down, toward the horse's feet.

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