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Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Milestones
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1931 : First established as The Houston Fat Stock Show and Livestock Exposition.

1932 : First Show is held at the Democratic Convention Hall.

1938 : Moved to new location: Sam Houston Coliseum.

1942 : First star entertainer: Gene Autry, "the Singing Cowboy"; calf scramble event added to the Show's rodeo.

1952 : First trail ride (Salt Grass Trail Ride) commences from Brenham, Texas.

1957 : First major educational scholarship ($2,000) awarded to Ben Dickerson.

1961 : Name changes to Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

1966 : New location: Astrodome complex; Astrohall built for Livestock Exposition.

1970 : Research program launched committing $100,000 annually in support of research studies at various universities and colleges in Texas

1974 : The first World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest. Elvis Presley sets attendance record of 43,944. On his second show, on the same day, he breaks his own record drawing 44,175, for a one-day record 88,119

1975 : The Astroarena is completed.

1977 : Four-year scholarships increased from $4,000 to $6,000.

1983 : Four-year scholarships increased from $6,000 to $8,000.

1989 : Scholarship program expands to Houston metropolitan area.

1992 : Four-year scholarships upgraded from $8,000 to $10,000 retroactive to all students currently on scholarship.

1993 : Latin superstar Selena breaks attendance record at the Astrodome by drawing a crowd of over 67,000 fans. Held record for nine consecutive years.

1994 : Latin superstar Selena sets another attendance record at the Astrodome by drawing another crowd of over 67,000 fans.

1995 : Latin superstar Selena holds famed Astrodome concert with over 64,000 fans.

1997 : Rodeo Institute for Teacher Excellence is created as a 3-year pilot program with $4.6 million in funding; websites www.hlsr.com and www.rodeohouston.com introduced.

1998 : Number of 4-H and FFA scholarships increased to 60 per program, totaling 120 four-year $10,000 awards.

1999 : Number of 4-H and FFA scholarships increased to 70 per program, totaling 140 four-year $10,000 awards; Opportunity Scholarships awarded based on financial need and academic excellence.

2000 : Rodeo Institute for Teacher Excellence extended another 3 years with another $4.6 million; Reliant Energy acquires naming rights for the Astrodomain; renamed Reliant Park includes the Reliant Astrodome, Reliant Arena, Reliant Hall, Reliant Center and Reliant Stadium.

2001 : Largest presentation of scholarships to date, with 300 four-year $10,000 awards through the Metropolitan, Opportunity and School Art scholarship programs, totaling $3 million.

2002 : George Strait sets paid attendance record for any Rodeo event in the Reliant Astrodome with 68,266; Reliant Hall is demolished.

2003 : New location: Reliant Stadium and Reliant Center; paid attendance of 70,405 for Go Tejano Day; Carruth Plaza, a Western sculpture garden named in honor of past president and chairman, Allen H. "Buddy" Carruth, completed at Reliant Park.

2005 : Performance lineup included Brooks and Dunn, Maroon 5,Clay Walker, Duelo, El Grupo Mazz, and Jeff Foxworthy.

2006 : Brooks & Dunn break rodeo attendance record set by Hillary Duff in 2005 with 72,867 in attendance.

2007 : Hannah Montana and The Cheetah Girls set a new rodeo attendence record set by Brooks & Dunn in 2006 with 73,295 in attendence, selling out in just three minutes.

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