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2007 - The PBR hosts its first-ever World Cup competition, which takes place at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre in Queensland, Australia. Five countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia) each have teams of five riders in this format, with the highest team score winning the event title for their country. Team Brazil comes out victorious.

2007 - A New York investment firm, Spire Capital, purchases the majority of PBR shares. Most of the original founders sell off their interests for an amount rumored to be between $2 to 4 million each.

2007 - The PBR opens its season at Madison Square Garden, bringing a world-class bull-riding event to the famed New York venue for the first time in 50 years.

2006 - Adriano Moraes becomes the first man in PBR history to win three World Championships.

2006 - Legendary bull Mossy Oak Mudslinger retires. He is also elected World Champion Bull.

2006 - Legendary bullfighter Rob Smets retires at age 46.

2006 - The PBR opens offices in Australia, Brazil, and Mexico.

2005 - Seven-time ProRodeo Clown of the Year Flint Rasmussen signs a 5-year, $1 million deal to perform exclusively at PBR events.

2005 - Little Yellow Jacket, three-time PBR World Champion Bull, retires.

2004 - Mike Lee becomes the first man to win both the World Championship and the event title at the World Finals in Las Vegas.

2004 - Tuff Hedeman resigns as president; Ty Murray succeeds him.

2004 - "Mighty" Mike White wins the Ty Murray Invitational at Albuquerque, N.M., for the third consecutive year.

2003 - The PBR puts up half the money to purchase Bob Tallman's Rough Stock Registry and form American Bucking Bull, Inc., a breeding registry.

2001 - Legendary bullfighter Jimmy Anderson retires at age 48.

2001 - Adriano Moraes becomes the first man in PBR history to win two World Championships; Chris Shivers becomes the first man in PBR history to exceed $1 million in career earnings.

2001 - Ross Coleman wins $100,000 for an eight-second ride aboard Tuff-E-Nuff at the Mossy Oak Shootout in Columbus, Ohio. It is considered the richest ride in history.

1999 - Cody Hart makes the most 90-point rides in a single season, making 16 of them that year.

1999 - Cody Hart wins the most events in a single season with 6 event wins (this feat would be matched by Justin McBride in 2005); Bubba Dunn sets a PBR-record mark of 96.5 on Promise Land at Tampa, Fla. The score would later be matched by Chris Shivers (2000 & 2001) and Michael Gaffney (2004).

1995 - 28-year-old Randy Bernard takes over as CEO.

1992 - The PBR is founded.

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