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A full grown horse that weighs about 1,000 pounds contains approximately 13.2 gallons of blood.


Horses have about 175 bones in their body.


A horse's hoof grows at a rate of about 1 cm per month.


A horse's leg joints are not fully fused (grown) until around the age of 3 1/2.


Most horse breeds have 18 ribs.


The Arabian has 17 ribs.


Most horses have 6 lumbar bones.


The Arabian has 5 lumbar bones.


Most horses have 18 tail vertabrea.


The Arabian has 16 tail vertabrea.


Horses can see in two directions at once.


Horses can see everywhere, except directly in front or behind them.


Horses make 8 basic sounds- snort, squeal, greeting nicker, courtship nicker, maternal nicker, neigh, roar, blow.


It is almost impossible for a horse to vomit-- if they do, their stomachs usually rupture soon after.

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